A large portion of FSC’s work includes consultations with its members and stakeholders. These consultations are on a variety of topics, such as Chain of Custody (CoC), Forest Management (FM), trademark revisions and more. The FSC consultation platform includes all current FSC consultations and allows you to review the document and provide feedback at the same time. 

FSC UK also responds to relevant consultations by other organisations, our recent responses can be found below.

Working together (c) Antenna via Unsplash

FSC UK consultation responses

FSC UK response to UKFS consultation 2022
PDF, Size: 98.11KB
FSC UK submission to Agriculture Wales Bill consultation November 2022.pdf
PDF, Size: 115.90KB
FSC UK's response to EAC inquiry on sustainable timber and deforestation September 2022.pdf
PDF, Size: 182.44KB
FSC UK response to Scottish Biodiversity Stratergy consultation September 2022.pdf
PDF, Size: 161.12KB
FSC UK submission to DEFRA consultation on Nature Recovery Green Paper - Protected Sites and Species May 2022
PDF, Size: 229.57KB
FSC UK response to DEFRA due diligence consultation March 2022
PDF, Size: 122.95KB
FSC UK Submission to UKFS consultation August 2021
PDF, Size: 125.43KB
FSC UK response to Agriculture (Wales) White Paper March 2021
PDF, Size: 96.55KB
Written evidence submitted by FSC UK to EFRA Tree Planting and Woodlands Inquiry December 2020
PDF, Size: 109.47KB
CMA - Misleading Environmental Claims Stakeholder survey December 2020
PDF, Size: 188.22KB