Report a trademark violation

We take trademark infringement very seriously.

The FSC logo, the name Forest Stewardship Council, the abbreviation FSC and the FSC Forest For All Forever brandmarks are all registered trademarks and there are strict controls on their use.

Only companies holding an FSC chain of custody certificate or a promotional licence are allowed to promote products commercially as FSC certified.

FSC UK Trademark Enforcement
Wooden puzzle (c) FSC IC

Why is trademark enforcement important?

The FSC trademarks help to assure consumers and business customers that the products they buy come from well-managed forests, controlled sources or reclaimed materials.

Protecting the FSC Trademarks from infringement and misuse maintains the integrity of the FSC system and ensures that those who have invested time and resources in responsible forest management and production are properly identified and rewarded.

Illicit use and misuse of the FSC trademarks undermines those efforts.

To report suspected FSC trademark violations please use the email address above.