Promotional licence holders

As an FSC promotional licence holder you are helping to ensure forests for all forever - thank you!

Our 2023 survey found that 77% of adults in the UK recognise the FSC logo, 81% of those who recognise the logo state that they were likely to give preference to FSC-certified products. By using the FSC trademarks you are helping to raise awareness of FSC certification and can demonstrate to your customers that the forest-based products you use or sell are responsibly sourced.


H & M trainers (c) FSC IC

Trademark approval

FSC promotional licence holders are issued with copies of the FSC trademarks by their trademark service provider, for organisations in the UK, this is FSC UK. Promotional licence holders' use of the FSC trademarks must be authorised by their trademark service provider. Evidence of certification must be provided for all products to be promoted using the FSC trademarks. Only FSC-labelled products can be promoted by promotional licence holders.

FSC Trademark Use Guide for Promotional Licence Holders
PDF, Size: 5.17MB

FSC trademark use by promotional licence holders

Our trademarks include the initials FSC, the name Forest Stewardship Council, the FSC 'tick-tree' or 'checkmark-and-tree' logo, and the ‘Forests For All Forever’ trademarks in English, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Our trademarks have been designed not only to promote the work of FSC and to inspire a love for forests, but also to enhance your brand and show your customers you care. This guide shows how FSC promotional licence holders can use our globally recognised trademarks for the promotion of FSC and FSC-certified products and services.

Using your FSC promotional licence

As a promotional licence holder, you must ensure that the products you promote with the FSC trademarks are FSC certified, purchased directly from an FSC-certified supplier and carry the FSC on-product label in a form that is visible to the consumer.

This 1-page guide and evidence checklist are designed to support you in meeting the requirements of your licence.

Using your FSC Promotional Licence
PDF, Size: 383.88KB
Evidence Checklist
PDF, Size: 181.71KB