Media resources

Upon request, we can provide information, fact-checking, quotes, images and copies of the FSC trademarks for media use.

We may also be able to assist with the sourcing of speakers and/or suitable FSC-certified locations.

Filming (c) vanilla bear films via unsplash

FSC stories

The Forest: Our Home, Our Culture, Our Life

Find out how Aboriginal Peoples and FSC are creating places for dialogue to help keep our forests, for all, forever.

BBC on FSC's Wood ID Programme

BBC's Richard Kenny explains how FSC's Wood ID programme could help tackle illegal logging, on its programme 'People Fixing the World'.

Why you should look for the FSC symbol on wood and paper products

Australian environmentalist, Jon Dee, explains why he recommends choosing FSC-certified wood and paper products.

Press releases

Sustainable Christmas ideas - 5 ways to make your festivities forest friendly
PDF, Size: 586.49KB
How green is your Christmas tree?
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3 ways to have a more sustainable Halloween
PDF, Size: 128.01KB
Brits believe healthy forests best defence against climate change
PDF, Size: 53.58KB