This is a guest article written by the Flexi-Hex team.

Will and Sam Boex are the Co-Founders of sustainable packaging start-up, Flexi-Hex.flexi hex

Passionate surfers, they saw the damage plastic and waste was having on our marine environments and their playground.

After receiving a new surfboard wrapped in layers of plastic bubble wrap, Sam felt frustrated not only on the quantity of unsustainable material used but also around the lack of thought around the unpacking experience for the consumer. Receiving a premium product like a surfboard through the post should be exciting and memorable.

Drawing expertise from their backgrounds in design, Will and Sam experimented with a range of materials and designs before they had a lightbulb moment after playing with honeycomb core paper, a commonly manufactured material that the twins approached with fresh eyes. After some R&D they finally engineered our patented sleeve made from recycled honeycomb paper and two recycled paper rails. They discovered not only was it incredibly strong, but its flexibility followed the form of products placed within and it looked pretty smart too. 

Following further research into the global packaging industry, it was clear there wasn't a sustainable packaging product that offered all three of these qualities (strength, flexibility and beauty). And following success in the surfing industry, enquiries naturally started to build from the drinks industry, this was the moment the company realized we were on to something much bigger! Today, Flexi-Hex provides sustainable, paper packaging solutions for industries including sports, drinks, cosmetics, electronics, homeware and other commercial uses.

flexi hex

“Being a paper based product, it is incredibly important that we use as much recycled content as possible and that we are held accountable to produce our products to the highest of standards. That’s why we chose to go through the FSC Certification process” says Sam.

flexi hex

Flexi-Hex is proud to offer a range of FSC certified products with a chain of custody certificate. The FSC recycled label means our products are made from 100% recycled materials, helping to protect forest resources and reduce the pressure to harvest more trees. A chain of custody certification ensures that FSC materials and products have been checked at every stage of processing, so customers can be confident that they are genuinely FSC certified.

Will says “FSC approval helps our credibility when we are selling to businesses big and small and it is often requested by our customers as a non-negotiable requirement. So we are hugely proud to have their stamp of approval”.


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