As valued partners in the FSC system, FSC certificate and licence holders are already making a valuable contribution to FSC’s goal of Forests For All Forever. But there is always more to do. Awareness and understanding of the value FSC certification brings needs to be increased, so that more people understand how they can contribute to forest sustainability. Taking a positive action can be as simple as encouraging customers to choose more sustainable products.


We invite all FSC certificate and licence holders to participate in FSC Forest Week 2022, a global consumer awareness-raising campaign.

With this standout campaign, we want to bring the FSC community together to:

• Educate and encourage everyone to be forest stewards by communicating the benefits of FSC-certification for forests and the life they sustain

• Inspire responsible and sustainable actions that benefit our environment for future generations


FSC certificate and licence holders can register now to receive a collection of creative assets to showcase their sustainable practices and FSC-certified products.


If you have any questions about FSC Forest Week 2022, please contact