6 in 10 people in the UK say they are becoming more conscious of the sustainability of both products and packaging. A whopping 76% of people in the UK now recognise the FSC logo and 7 in 10 say they would prefer to buy a forest product bearing the FSC logo, as opposed to one without. Half of respondents even said they would be prepared to pay more for FSC-certified products and 65% said they would have a positive opinion of a brand or retailer if they saw the FSC label on their products.

83% of certificate holders agree that FSC certification helps to create a positive corporate image and 62% of those in the furniture sector believe that FSC certification is increasingly relevant.

However, in a recent review of websites of FSC-certified organisations in the UK who can produce FSC-certified furniture, in over 40% of cases we could not find any promotion of the FSC status of the company or the products.

As FSC UK we would like to better understand the reasons behind this and, if appropriate, support companies to better promote their FSC status and certified products.  We would be extremely grateful if you could spend a few minutes completing this short survey to help us with this.

Click here to complete the survey by 17 March 2023. Remember to enter your contact details to be in with a chance of winning £50 - one winner will be selected at random.