Meeting standards of sustainability goals

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and want to be sure that the products they purchase, are not involved with operations that are causing harm to our planet, and companies’ supply chain are more keen to reach sustainable targets.

A joint webinar between SGS and FSC about Sustainable Packaging Futures on 28 September will guide you towards your sustainable goals and targets, widen your knowledge of sustainably sourced products and certified materials and help to answer the following questions:

  • Is your packaging produced from sustainable materials and sustainably sourced wood?
  • Are you aware that choosing FSC certified products, you are influencing consumers purchasing decisions and impacting climate changes?
  • Are you taking your sustainable responsibility seriously?  
  • Do you reach your sustainable targets?

SGS can help you achieve sustainability goals and reduce risk, ensure compliance and enhance your brand reputation.

An example of this is through their Forest Management Certification. Download their new forestry brochure here and read more about how SGS can support the timber and paper packaging production industry.

For further information, you can contact SGS United Kingdom Ltd directly.

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