Silvine exercise book
The iconic Silvine Memo book (c) Sinclairs

Inspired by the countryside they are located in, they have an environmentally conscious mindset. Raw materials are used sparingly, machinery is maintained to the highest levels, packaging is streamlined and local community projects are really important to them.

When it comes to producing sustainable, high quality paper stationery. They know what they are doing! Sinclairs became an FSC® chain of custody certificate holder in 2006.

As a manufacturer, Sinclairs recognises the impact so they take appropriate actions to make a difference. They limit the negative implications on the environment, thinking ethically, economically, and focus in philanthropic activities.

At the start of 2022, Sinclairs aligned their own business ongoing commitments to relevant and appropriate areas of the UN Sustainability Development Goals. They’re also beginning to understand and learn from “Doughnut Economics” and how to structure their business going forward. The Doughnut envisions a world that meets the needs of all people within the means of the living planet. It's a world that is regenerative, rather than degenerative.

 “Having FSC® certification was a natural step for us to take to ensure the materials we use are always sourced from responsible and traceable suppliers. Anyone operating in our industry has an obligation to make sure we’re all doing the right thing for the environment and this was just one step in us doing that”.  

Gemma Bassett, Sinclairs Marketing Manager.

Silvine Ex books
Silvine exercise books (c) Sinclairs

Sinclairs is the brand home of Silvine, Luxpad, Artgecko Sketchbooks and Silvine Originals. Silvine is the best known brand of the brand family with over 500 products in the range, all made from materials from responsible sources.


Carbon zero jotter
Zero Carbon Jotter (c) Sinclairs


Within Sinclair’s various ranges they have a total of 87 products which are FSC-certified. Silvine & Luxpad have 25, and Artgecko Sketchbooks have a whopping 62 products which carry the FSC logo and certification. This is just over 90% of the total Artgecko Sketchbook range!


The Silvine range has a specific climate friendly sub-category which highlights its FSC certification and supports consumer navigation of these products.

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