Awareness of the FSC logo in the UK has increased 45% since 2019[1], and the proportion of those claiming both good and rough knowledge of the logo has more than doubled. With data from the Office for National Statistics revealing that nature had supported people’s well-being during lockdowns, perhaps more are becoming interested in and aware of how they can repay some of that support.

Our latest survey[2], conducted in March 2023, reveals that 77% of people in the UK now recognise the FSC logo. 25% say they know what it means (+ 5% on 2022), and a further 30% (29% in 2022) say they know roughly what it means.

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30% of those who recognise the logo recall buying an FSC-certified product within the past 3 months, 19% within the past month. 41% say they always or usually give preference to FSC-certified products.

Once the meaning of FSC was explained, 71% of all those surveyed, said they would be very or fairly likely to give preference to FSC-certified products in future. 85% of those who said they both recognised and understood the FSC logo, and 81% of those who recognise it and know roughly what it means, said they were likely to give preference to FSC-certified products.

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However, only 38% of people claim to look for products that carry certification labels when they shop for forest-based products, suggesting that further promotion of certifications, beyond just labels such as FSC, may be beneficial to support consumers in meeting their ethical shopping preferences. 51% stated that they would be prepared to pay more for an FSC-certified product, with 28% prepared to pay up to 5% more and 10% prepared to pay up to 10% more.

Consumer Survey Infographics 2023_converted_images

Half of those surveyed were of the belief that all wood-based products available in the UK should be made from sustainable sources and a further quarter thought at least some should meet this standard. 60% thought that consumers have a responsibility to ensure that the products they buy, and the packaging they use, are responsibly sourced, but 71% held businesses responsible for the sustainability of their products and packaging.

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[1] Before the UK national coronavirus lockdown in March 2020

[2] Survey conducted (21/03/2023 - 23/03/2023) in United Kingdom by Kantar via OnLineBus, a sample of 1,279 UK adults aged 16+ were interviewed.

FSC UK Consumer Survey Key Statistics

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