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From 24 - 30 September, companies, NGOs, influencers and people from all over the world came together for FSC Forest Week to highlight the value of forests and how choosing sustainably sourced products can help create resilient forests for the future. This year our theme was “Choose Forests. Choose FSC.”

Why Choose Forests?

We need forests. They clean the air we breathe and filter the water we drink. They provide the resources we need to build our homes and provide many other essential day-to-day products. Forests also play a key role in combatting climate change and supporting biodiversity.

Why Choose FSC?

Our purpose is to promote sustainable forest management so forests and people can thrive. FSC is the world’s most recognised, rigorous and trusted forest certification system and is trusted by NGOs, businesses and consumers to help protect healthy, resilient forests for all, forever. By choosing FSC-certified products, you are helping to protect forests and all the life they sustain.

Here are some of the highlights from FSC Forest Week 2022.

​​​​​​​FSC Forest Week 2022 on Social Media:

  • reached over 42 million potential viewers. 
  • became central to 2,451 conversations. 
  • triggered nearly 100,000 interactions. 
FSC Forest Week 2022 Campaign Report
PDF, Size: 4.19MB

FSC Forest Week 2022 Campaign Report

This report gives an overview of the campaign, online and on the ground activity, and overall campaign performance. 

FSC Forest Week in the UK

We were flying the FSC flag from our offices and we joined FSC teams from all over the world in promoting the campaign on social media to show consumers how they can help protect healthy, resilient forests for all, forever, by choosing FSC-certified products.

We were delighted to have over 120 certificate and promotional licence holders sign up to take part in the campaign with us, promoting FSC Forest Week on their websites, newsletters and social media channels, some even held forest-themed events and activities to celebrate.

Other organisations celebrating FSC Forest Week


Although FSC Forest Week is over, you can still be a part of sustainable change and help take care of forests by:

  • Following us on social media and sharing our stories about the importance of helping to protect the world’s forests.
  • Choosing FSC-certified products when you are shopping in stores or online. How? Look for the FSC labels.
  • Signing up to our newsletter: Click here

Save the date: FSC Forest Week 2023

FSC Forest Week 2023 will take place from 23 - 29 September

If you hold an FSC certificate or promotional licence and are interested in participating, you can register early by clicking here